Thursday, April 12, 2012

Some Stuff I Wrote

Hey everyone. Since there hasn't been much left in the tank for my usual posts lately (it will happen again, I swear!) here are some links to stuff I get paid to drink and write about.

The Shamrock Shakeup. Yes, kids. I tried this at home:

Yeah, Mad Men cocktail stories are nothing new. So I upped the ante by designing new ones for certain characters (except Roger, he's old school) to bring them into 1966. Don gets a rye Slurpee.

The Corpse Reviver in time for Easter! Some people can't take a joke...

Not to be outdone by Passover spirits and cocktails. We made Red Sea Sours and Charoset Schlappes to accompany chopped liver and matzo pre-seder. Worth 40 years in the desert, I say.

Sorel liqueur. You will want to drink oceans of this when it hits shelves next month.

And Rum for All! There sure was enough of it...

Make Mine a Negroni! My ode to a favorite cocktail, with some adaptations.

Until next time! (I know, we never talk anymore. I'll be better).