Sunday, February 9, 2014

Worded Out

Here we are in the 2nd full week of February and it's my first post here in the new year!

New. Year. So much pressure in those words. Let's play a little word association:

New - original, uncontaminated, different, unused, unfamiliar, pristine, mint condition.

Year - term, stages, cyclical, series of days organized by months, measure of time, ends with a mandatory festival of gluttony, evidence of age, add retinol skin cream to the shopping list.

I've been so busy, what with traveling to the Middle East for a family event, writing and editing articles, writing content for my other job's new campaign, attempting to stay warm in one of the most brutal winters in recent memory. I even had a relationship start to bloom then dissipate already this year.

Hope - expectancy, prospect, ambition, desire, anticipation, aspiration, maybe, for once, solace, comfort, affection, reliability, perchance to dream.

  • antonym - appearances, false promise, disbelief, despair, excuses, falsehoods, rudeness, passive aggression, are you fucking kidding me with this linkedin request, silence. 

This week a fracture was discovered in a bottom back tooth. Apparently I have been so stressed out that my jaw is clenching at night. The pressure has built around my gums and a wrong angle on an innocent chew sent a thin crack along the core of the tooth. I wonder what I was eating at the time? I think it might have happened when I was in Israel. I blame it on the baklava. 

Blame It On Baklava. There's a name for a Middle Eastern indie rock band! 

Pressure - tension, compression, heaviness, load, deadlines, timing, reception, appearances, integrity, authenticity, pleasing, makeup, bring the pretty, bring the funny, make it work, how many trivia questions can you possibly make up about Bourbon, infinity, groundhog day, need vacation.

But if that's how it started, there's still nearly 10 months left for things to happen.

Left - sometime direction, remainder, vestige, empty canvass, clean slate, rest, plans, allotments, aspirations, goals, could just be more pressure, hopefully someone sends me to italy.