Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Realistic Resolutions for 2015

Seeing as it's taken me over 6 months to find the time and energy to write in my personal blog again, I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to assess my goals. Sure, this time of year always makes me ruminate over the big stuff - job, love life, location, fitness, friendships, that monstrously hideous TV shelf I keep vowing to get rid of, etc.

However, this time of year is also about fixing the little things. Therefore, a list of do-able expectations is in order:

1. Put away the menorah
2. If feeling especially ambitious, scrape away the melted wax first
3. Make fresh ice cubes on a regular basis
4. Use the word "acidulous" more often
5. Stop saying "nice" so often
6. Actually, stop being quite so nice, I mean, gracious when it isn't deserved or appreciated
7. Get a new keychain
8. Read things I bother to write down in my notes and follow up on them. Same with Shazammed songs
9. Buy a new sports bra
10. Remember that wine from 2004 isn't going to drink itself
11. Also, finish that last inch of rum left in the bottle
12. Don't sigh and roll eyes every time someone asks how I'm doing
13. Listen to the music mixes my friend Phil shared with me
14. Replace watch battery
15. Straighten the living room rug
16. Try that new sandwich place
17. Replace old mustard
18. Pet more dogs
19. Learn how to pose for pictures without making fish lips
20. Carve a pineapple
21. Get out and see more sunsets

Cheers to a way better 2015 for one and all!