Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cone Boobs and Cocktails

Like my Madmen avatar? Very fitting for last night.

Jason from Embury Cocktails emailed me for an impromptu drink meetup at Zinc Bar on W. 3rd St. Heather Greene, the brand ambassador for Glenfiddich scotch, who also doubles as an angsty songstress, was performing her new album with an open bar featuring 'fiddich and cocktails. Jason was able to get me, and Stephanie, who I had dinner plans with, on the list.

I ran into Jason the street as I was approaching the bar and we walked in together. It was pretty much what I'd come to expect from such events. Lots of suits and skinny girls with strappy dresses crowding the bar, ambient music (for once not blaring), dim lighting with red and green accents behind the bar and narrow, crowded passageways. It basically looked like a real life representation of a liquor print ad. A PR rep found Jason and me looking for a way in to the bar and offered to order for us. There were three drink choices, named after Heather's songs, as well as Glenfiddich 12, 15 and 18 Yr neat or on the rocks. We chose what seemed to be the less sweet of the choices, a sort of scotch mint and lemon daiquiri with a sugar rim.

Stephanie arrived just as we got our drinks, and since Heather wasn't on yet, we were offered to go to the tasting table in the corner. There, a well meaning Hart Agency model in a black strapless dress led us through how to detect fruity, sweet and woody flavors in scotch. We had three small drams in front of us, as well as jars of cut green apples, honey and woodchips, which we were made to sniff at the same time as the scotch, and then taste, first without water, then with a couple of drops. In the end we chose our "favorite" and were offered a free dram of that choice. I ended up choosing Glenfiddich 12 Yr, the "fruity" choice, and least expensive. I love Glenfiddich, but it gets hot in the higher marks. I have to say here that as much as I have made fun of the Hart Agency and even gone so far as to ban model representation for in store tastings when I worked at Morrell, this one stuck to the script and did a pretty good job of pretending she knew what she was talking about!

Not that I approve of them, I'm just saying.

Heather began to play soon after that. Jason had to leave for a dinner date. Stephanie and I stayed for one more song. Not bad, vaguely Alanis Morrissette-esque, but we were already sick of the free bar and wanted a real cocktail before dinner. What is this, 1962? We made our way the few blocks to Elettaria, thankful the day's humdity had burned off some. The bar scene was pretty hopping, but we got seats soon after arriving. I got the Rita Hayworth, pineapple and sage infused Herradura silver tequila, lime and honey. Stephanie got a refreshing version of a daiquiri. We sipped slowly and had some good chats with bar manager Joe.

Stephanie and I went to Perilla soon after for a fantastic meal of lamb belly (!!!!), ribeye for two with an off the hook potatoe and mini crabcake concotion and crisp asparagus, all accompanied by a juicy Arbois red from Jura. Dessert was a trio of ice cream, chocolate, peanut butter and popcorn (again with !!!!) Actress Kristen Johnson was there with a friend (boyfriend) at the table behind us (so now maybe "Third Rock From the Sun" is stalking me?) and chef/owner Harold Dieterle made two appearances out front.

All within a 5 block radius. The sort of night that reminds me why I chose to live here.

And also why I need to lose 20 pounds. If only I could just slip into my avatar in real life. But with better cone boobs.

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