Friday, January 22, 2010


Don't look now, but your EASE PACE is showing!

I saw this sign just now as I was walking down Broadway after a fantastic lunch at Artisanal with my dear friend Lisa. It's in the former Unique Boutique space, or The Wiz if you need a 1990s reference, been pretty much empty since then. For so long, in fact, that it's papered and re-papered so that only those letters of what I assume were a "LEASE SPACE" sign show.

An unintentional, slightly subliminal message. "Slow down," it says to me. "Stop forcing things." I have a bad tendency that I think I inherited from my father. No matter how much I try not to, I basically want to control the universe. I want to rush into space and grab planets and spin them out of axis so things come my way when I want them. "Not cool," the universe says back to me. "You wait your turn like everyone else. Now stop futzing and drink your cocktail. There's a good girl."

I've been impatient this month. And therefore not very productive. The job front is dead at the moment and not writing and pitching as much as I set out to do that first hangover-free January 2nd morning. Wish I had better news. Been a little tired of getting together with people and hanging my head when they ask that inevitable question. Come on, guys. It's a running gag now. I'm your lady of leisure. "What did you do today?" They ask. Trust me, today, this Friday in January, is remarkably not unlike it was exactly this time last year, minus the uterus, maybe.

I also got a fortune cookie this week that said, "Don't worry about losing. If it's right, it happens." Oh Fortune Cookie Factory Worker, how you know me so well!

OK, Inner Pilot, time to lift up again. Maybe I can't control the universe, but I can figure out how to navigate around all those clouds.

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