Thursday, April 8, 2010

Disassembly Required

Tuesday: Back to Rob's for more Bar Smarts practice. It's noon. I'm thinking maybe we should watch the DVD's that come with our kit before we embark on more mixology. I know there just HAS to be a better way to disengage that shaker. Seen plenty of skinny hipster bartenders get them open with little effort. It can't be for lack of upper body strength on my part. 

Module 3 is lead by Master Mixologist Dale DeGroff, cocktail historian Dave Wondrich and the previously mentioned Winegeek founder, cocktailian Andy Seymour. They take us through all twenty-five classic cocktails that we have to know backwards and forwards, the proper techniques, barwear, etc. And FINALLY, where to hit the bloody shaker so it separates and people can drink! Heel of the hand smack below the rim of the metal part, et...voi-effen-la!

Turns out banging it incessantly on the counter is about as productive and satisfying as doing so with one's head against a wall. Separates nine out of ten times. That one time outta ten's a nasty bitch, but it eventually goes.

A quick trip up to Kalustyans for some bitters and a stop for fresh citrus and we're off! Kris came home from work just in time for a fresh mojito, and soon Marc and Jay joined us to watch the Yankee/Red Sox game as Rob and I tried to keep up with this small, but thirsty crowd. A couple more new drinks were tried out such as a Gin Fizz (not to be confused with the Ramos version with egg whites, this is more a gin sour), Sidecars, Mai Tais (now that we have the key orgeat syrup ingredient), Sazeracs (the rye version), more whiskey sours (a version with, another without egg whites), Bourbon Collins (iced tea-like and refreshing) and Old Fashioneds. Jay requested a Bourbon Mojito, which ended up being a GREAT idea. Think Mint Julep with more citrus. Then my piece de resistance, a Pisco Sour, shaken with egg whites, swirled with bitters. Now I know all you experienced mixologists aren't too impressed, but considering how little I knew at the beginning of the day, I'm pretty proud of my accomplishment. And it tasted mighty fine.


lelly said...

mouth literally watering over cocktails, heart literally racing over thought of cocktail exams.

thank you for that... i'll have mine with a twist.

Sam Harrigan said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has trouble getting the shaker apart! I'll have to try this trick! Thanks for sharing :)