Thursday, April 22, 2010

We're Just Plain Smart

Well, kids. I have good news and bad news. The good news is Rob and I were starting to really rock on the cocktails! The bad news is, we came to a mutual decision not to take the live Bar Smarts exam next week in DC. The main reason is, we did all the work for the Wired program, we completed the Modules, we passed all the online quizzes, we know the spirits, we get the paradigms for the different types of cocktails (stirred whisky-based ones, sours, martinis, collins, fizzes, etc), but taking three whole days to drive to and from DC and pay for a hotel room and gas for a one-day exam suddenly seemed like an unnecessary expense in both time and money. At the end of the test, whether or not we passed really wouldn't matter that much in the long run. Neither of us plan on becoming mixologists on a professional level, we just wanted to learn. And that we did. As far as I'm concerned, mission accomplished!

Please don't be disappointed. We didn't give up. We are just being practical. Now that we have the basic skills, the real fun begins. One of the reasons Rob and I became such good friends is we both love to taste and learn about new spirits (and in my case, also wine). That will always be in motion. Plus, nothing like experience to really hone a new skill.

Besides, my friend is suddenly VERY busy. I'm very proud to report that Rob's bar, Idle Hands, is finally in possession and remodel work is under way!  Rob will be opening the underground Rock and Roll Speakeasy-type space (the joke is that the 'Speak Loudly,' Billy Hurricanes will be upstairs) on Ave. B with pals Marc Shapiro and Dave Cianco. Hoping to welcome the pubic by Memorial Day weekend, the boys have their work cut out for them. Having gandered at the space, I can tell you, amid all the highfalutin booze joints of late, with the limited space and the rules and the waiting, they're here to make drinking fun again. Can't wait, fellas!


Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,

Sorry to hear you won't be making it to Bar Smarts. I'm headed down to DC in a few hours to go and try my luck at playing bartender! ;)


winenshine said...

Hi, Stephanie. Just saw this. So how did it go???? Wish we could have made it, but the timing suddenly sucked for both of us.