Thursday, December 29, 2011

It Was Hard, But Didn't Suck

In case you're wondering about that title, no, I haven't branched out into the world of writing for the one-handed reader.

Although I've had worse ideas.

But when I go back into my mind's time capsule of 2011, that's what I would say. "It was hard, but it didn't suck."

Every year I have the pleasure of attending the same New Year's party at the home of some excellent friends, with yet more excellent friends. It's a tradition I look forward to. But one aspect of that party I dread is the inevitable moment after the ball has dropped, the bubbly has been clinked, the auld langs have syned and all the kisses and well wishes have made the rounds. The "now what" moment that begins the new year. I am usually very pleased to kick the old one to the curb, have hopes the next one is better, but never really sure how that can actually work in my favor.

This year is different. I did a hell of a lot to turn things around for myself. These were not merely resolutions. I personally think the term "New Year's resolution" is an excuse to do something half-assed. It's as ritualistic as walking down a familiar block and passing an empty gym on a cold February morning.

So here's my 2011 Top Whatever:

1. Lost 30 pounds. Still have an awesome chest.

2. Finished grad school without quitting, destroying my laptop in a fit of rage or attacking anyone's sensibilities. This required lots of walking and muttering to myself.

3. The fine folks at Snooth giving me a creative outlet that actually lets me put skills I've gathered over the years to good use. I am forever grateful for the opportunities they have given me and will hopefully continue to nurture.

4. The Lobo for all-week brunches, friendly, worthwhile discussions and MacGyvering cocktails to indulge my whims. And for putting Crema mezcal in my coffee.

5. The friends who are still speaking to me after falling off the grid, and partaking in my days of sanctioned indulgences. You know who you are.

6. @ElBoombito and @RuthBourdain. Woody Allen realized Duck Soup was his raison d'etre in Hannah and her Sisters. These complete strangers kept me going in as little as 140 characters on a near daily basis.

7. RIP box television. All hail HD.

8. Passing a group of white, middle class teenagers in Tribeca and overhearing, "You can't argue the facts, Moses."

9. The fine ladies in my writing group. Whoda thunk we would actually get stuff written, gather with great food and wine and bother to actually read and critique things instead of just eating, drinking and chatting? AND, best part? We've kept up the good work and didn't fizzle.

10. Ladies and gentlemen, my parents. They continue to be the tops of my Top Ten. Boy, do they put up with a lot.

Have a great 2012, everyone!


Melissa Sarno said...

Love the title of this post. Looking forward to more meeting and writing (but can we keep up the eating, drinking, and chatting too? ;) Happy New Year lady :)

winenshine said...

Ha! Thank you, darlin. Oh yeah, we'll never stop drinking and chatting too. And I think we should keep up the tradition of announcing a random fact anytime someone excuses themselves and come back to the room.