Thursday, May 17, 2012

Going Pink

I've never been much of a pink girly girl. Even when I was very young, my wearing pink phase lasted like five days, and from there I was always drawn to darker, less bright colors. Until now, I never allowed my reds to swing brighter than a muted coral.

But suddenly I'm all about the pink.

What is happening to me?

I recently wrote an article on Lillet Rosé, a juicy pink treat from the classic French apéritif producer. This is pretty great stuff, folks. It's not just me drinking the Aid de Frais. I'm pretty sure this is the rosey culprit. It matches this weather perfectly. One of the things I love about it, besides the lip-smacking flavor, is since it's slightly fortified, I can keep a bottle around to sip from when the mood strikes. Much as I adore rosé vino in the warmer seasons, these days it can be hard to commit to opening a full bottle if I want to be sure to get my money's worth (cheap Jew on a budget that I am.)

Well, this week has sure been up and down. Great highs during the Manhattan Cocktail Classic (above is the Iroquois #2 from Hotel Bars Past and Present at Lantern's Keep) on the weekend and earlier in the week. But once the schmoozing and stunt-drinking ended, and my liver had a moment to stretch, it was back to real life. This means back to chores, chasing paychecks and trying to get some sort of handle on the eternal mystery of the opposite sex.

After all that drinking, I needed a drink.

But just a wee one.

So having finally perfected my oven fried chicken (hint: use an egg wash, flour AND panko, and make sure the baking pan is already hot and sizzling when you add the chicken) after a long day of the above mentioned, I decided to reward myself with just a little of a something. Luckily I had a bottle of just the stuff in my fridge.


I'm thinking I need to find a pink dress to match.

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