Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hank II is Dead, Long Live Hank III!

This is something you NEVER want to see when you turn on your computer.

Now, I KNEW this was going to happen someday soon, but still. As you might have read last year in a previous post, I did a bad thing. I accidentally spilled water on Hank II and, in a panic, called Apple, which you just should never do in such situations. Once they know about the exchange of fluids, so to speak, your Applecare is toast. Luckily the machine came back on OK a couple of days later, but without knowing for sure the extent of the damage to the hard drive. My friend Max, a.k.a. The Mac Whisperer, had been able to restore him on a couple of occasions and extended his life by many months. But last week, as I was cooking a fab dinner of whole wheat penne with fresh pea and mint pesto, while listening to music from iTunes, Hank just up and quit. Froze solid. After a hard reset, the above is all I ever saw of him again. That blinking question mark.  Like he'd been possessed by The Joker. Max did what he could, charged paddles, but we couldn't bring him back. Luckily I'd done a major Time Machine backup just that day, and almost everything has been saved. Small favors, right?

So Max built a nice, new, shiny, metallic machine for me online and we went ahead and ordered. It was an incredibly sultry day, so Stephanie was over too for some A/C and margaritas. After a couple of really excellent home made ones with fresh lime juice and agave syrup (thanks, lady!), Max left and we moved on to the Lobo downstairs. I was gulping tequila and the resignation of impending, massive debt pretty hard. It was all I could do.

Well, here's the new toy, stacked redneck style over the other ones, with all my various wires everywhere. So far he's pretty rockin'. Long may you live (please?), Hank III. Don't worry. This one comes with a restraining order. No fluids within 6 feet.

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