Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Luck Be A Lady

Summer sure is coming in like bridezillas at a gown sale this year!

Was going to do my usual woe-is-me-I'm-getting-older-and-still-a-total-failure post on my birthday Sunday. Thankfully a late night of boozy and delicious fun with friends and a World Cup brunch prevented that. Which is good, because for once, I'm actually feeling lucky.

I'm lucky because I had six amazing friends, John, Jason, Stephanie, Rob, Malaika and Ricardo take me out for a fantastic Brooklyn howl. It was a warm, but dry and comfortable night. We started on the roofdeck at the Rock Shop in Park Slope, pretty chill and roomy, listening to the unknowing crowd squished around Mission Dolores beer garden below. From there we went to dinner at one of my new favorite places, Palo Santo, a Park Slope neighborhood sleeper on Union Street that specializes in local ingredients turned into eclectic Latin American fare with a well selected list of South American and NY state wines to match. After that, a breezy walk along the fragrant Gowanus Canal to my local, the Jakewalk. Then, perhaps ill advised but who's counting, kept the momentum going at Boat until we emerged at last call around 4am. People wrote me really heartfelt cards and I was overwhelmed by the amount of Facebook messages wishing me happy birthday. Jack Benny was so right. If that night was any indication, "The best years of a woman's life are the 10 between the ages of 39 and 40."

Here's me (taken via Hipstamatic iPhone app) at dinner. I always like to have a bday flower in my hair.

There's John (front), Rob and Malaika on one side.

Stephanie (front), Jason (hidden, but he'd be happy about that) and Ricardo on the other.

One of the top two great pics of John and me ever taken. Second only to us in our furry Kimpton hotel robes from a couple of years ago in Portland, OR.


Malaika gave me this book. She knows me so well.

The following day, I awoke around noon, magically hangover free, and it all started again with a margarita brunch watching the World Cup Brazi vs. Ivory Coast with Rob downstairs at the Lobo. Then my parents came in for cocktails with some of the mischpucha at Clover Club before dinner at Saul, then post parents back at Clover Club, rejoining the group for one more before plotzing.

The luck continued next day with a Summer Solstice/extended bday treat to a Brooklyn Cyclones vs. Aberdeen Ironbirds game with John and our friend Norm. And the Cyclones won!

Moon over the Parachute Drop with the Hipstamatic setting again. I thought I heard Norm, a contractor, say it was a "good height" when in fact he said it was "bright." So for the rest of the night, we joked about whether the moon's height was correct.

John and Norm.

The field and Cyclone-themed score board. Great seats!

But the biggest bit of luck came yesterday. Cue song from "A Chorus Line." I need this job. And I got this job. I start working in the NY Philharmonic Archives Monday! Will have to get used to an early morning, long commute and crap pay, but it'll be worth it. Cheers to new beginnings. And hopefully my karma keeps a wide birth around the ladder for a while.

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